Battle of the Books is a county-wide competition, in which students read pre-selected books and compete in a game show atmosphere against other LCPS middle schools to demonstrate their depth of knowledge of those books.

    Any River Bend student is encouraged to participate.
    After the initial “Interest Meeting” in October, there will be a variety of opportunities to meet with staff coaches, during resource and lunch, during the first and second quarter.  Beginning in the third quarter, the contest becomes more serious, as the regional and final competition approaches in April. 

    For more information, students should see Ms. Kuhn in the library and get an information packet.

                 PLANS and BENEFITS

    PLANS: The following is a brief outline of the timeline for the RBMS “Battle of the Books” team, and our organizational strategy.

    First, when we get the contracts back and know who is ready to make the commitment to the team, we will pass out the books. Then, over the next few weeks, we will set up small groups, based on when students are available. These groups will meet to discuss the books and “quiz” each other with student-written questions. They might be set up like “Jeopardy” or some other game show format. Most, if not all of these meetings will be during school. If there is an after-school meeting, it will be on a Thursday, with an activity bus available. There will also be PLENTY OF NOTICE about an after school meeting. After the winter holiday break (Christmas), we will start meeting more often, and the questions will get harder.

    BENEFITS: We believe the benefits of being on the “Battle of the Books” team are many. First, it is an opportunity to make friends with students from every grade level across the school. This is going to be FUN! Second, it is an opportunity to represent your school in a countywide competition! The other schools are from all over the county ~ and we intend to win this! Third, this is a chance to read some really terrific books and discuss them with students who share your interest in reading! They were all chosen because they are such good books! Finally, it is great to be a part of a team, and this is a special team ~ a team of readers, and a team that will represent River Bend Middle School, the best middle school in Loudoun County!!!!!