Rock Ridge

    College & Career Readiness




    We use Naviance Student email for our means of communication.  It is imperative that our students check their LCPS email weekly in order to receive information. The student email is studentID@lcps.org. Look for the RRHS in the subject line and you will know it is from Rock Ridge.





    Naviance Student is a comprehensive mobile-friendly website that is used in career and college planning.     It allows us to share information with the student about upcoming college visits and other resources for college and career planning. For more information about Naviance Student please contact Mary Barnes. (mary.barnes@lcps.org)


    Student Login:    Access LCPSGo and select Naviance. You will seamlessly logged in to Naviance.                                                       

    Parent Login: Email me for a login.



    Ready to get started?

    Naviance Student is your starting point.

    Here you will find lots of tools and information to help you find the right career or college for you.


    • Explore careers and career clusters
    • Create a resume
    • Browse/search colleges
    • Sign up for college visits
    • Flag colleges of interest and assess your chances of being accepted
    • Apply to colleges by submitting your requests for letters of recommendation & transcripts