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    Academic Decathlon 8th grade students will be nominated by their teachers and go through a selection process. 12 students are chosen. Ms. Samantha Barrientos
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    After School YOGA for Adults* Take the opportunity to connect with mind, body and breath and challenge strength and balance in a guided hatha (physical) yoga practice that will include gentle awakening stretches, deep (yin style) holds, and creative vinyasa (flowing) sequences, always finishing with relaxation. Ms. Anna Billman
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    Anime Club Anime is a club where students can explore Anime's particular artistic style through self expression or watching popular videos. Mr. Phil Marshall
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    Buddy Club What is the Buddy Club? A club that creates and fosters friendships and social opportunities for students with various abilities at Harmony Middle School along with creating opportunities to build one to one friendships. Ms. Lisa Taylor
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    Ms. Sue Bosse
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    Ms. Christa Craig
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    Ms. Jennifer Rayburn
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    Color Guard Club* An introduction to the Color Guard/Winter Guard activity, which includes dance/movement and spinning flag, rifle and sabre. No Experience Necessary! It’s a great way to learn about the activity as a beginner. It’s a great way to make friends and gain confidence in yourself. It’s a great way to slowly become part of the Woodgrove HS community before entering high school – Ease the stress and anxiety of that big transition. Ms. Nicole Parada Kinman
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    Creative Club (Arts and Crafts)* An interest idea by several 6th graders, this club will focus on making crafts and some art work. It will be run by 6th graders who came up with the idea but is open to other grades. Mr. Eric Stewart (school contact)
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    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) This student-led club is open to everyone, not just athletes. If you want to get to know other students, enjoy sports games, food, fun and socialize in a Christian environment, please join us. Mr. Ken Whetsel
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    Fishing Club A brand new club talking about everyhting fishing. At a meeting, there will be six Learning Stations; with kids rotating around to each station every five minutes. Mr. Eric Stewart
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    la Frévolution (French Club) La Frévolution is open to all students at Harmony, whether they are in French class or not. All you need is an interest in the French language and culture! Our activities are influenced by our members, but in the past we have done scavenger hunts, movie days, and craft projects. We usually end the school year with an out-of-school adventure to get some French food. Ms. Sarah Knobbs
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    German Club The German Club is open to ALL students interested in exploring the German language and culture. Ms. Eva Yerkes
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    Latin Club Latin Club at Harmony is an opportunity for students to further explore the ancient world and engage in ancient Roman and Greek themed activities beyond the Latin classroom. Students will participate in ancient festival celebrations, mythology readings and plays, and the creation of Latin and Rome-related projects and crafts. Throughout the course of Latin Club, students will create several ancient-themed products as keepsakes. There may be some additional opportunities for the Harmony Latin Club to join the Woodgrove High School Latin Club for various activities. Ms. Tori Miller
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    Mad Science Club* The Mad Science Club sparks imaginative learning when school is out! Our hands-on science program is for 6th graders and themed around a particular area of science and includes such topics as kitchen chemistry, magic bubbles, sonic sounds, green slime, dry ice storms, rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of toys. Kids engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch awesome demonstrations, and participate in inquiry-based discussions and fun educational take-homes. The Mad Science Club after-school program will offer students a chance to see just how cool science can be. Mr. Ken Whetsel
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    Math Team Club We love problem solving mathematical problems. We compete in small competitions. And then we end the year with The Loudoun County Regional Math Tournament in April, 2019. Ms. Kristin Bredice
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    Ms. Kerry Smith
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    Poke-mag-gather-ioh Club The Poke-mag-gather-ioh welcomes all card playing enthusiast from the realm of Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Join The Poke-mag-gather-ioh to have a place to go and just enjoy playing cards that incorporate both skill and strategy with peers that have the same interest. Mr. Patrick White
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    Rubik's Cube Club Come join the fun that never gets old. Whether you are an expert at solving the puzzle or just a beginner, join the club where all will have fun with The Cube! Ms. Jennifer Rayburn
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    Running Club* Come join Harmony’s Co-ed Run Club! Participants of ALL skill levels. Tanja Woldt, an RRCA certified running coach, will offer introduction, skilled training - especially on running form, guidance, and encouragement. Program will end with running in a Race on May 5th. Ms. Tanja Woldt
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    Student Council Association* SCA is Harmony's student government. Students volunteer to make Harmony a better place and improve relations with the community of Loudoun County. Mr. George Cassutto
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    Tennis Club* Come serve it up with TGA - we bring the tennis court to you! Beginner and intermediate players will have a blast building their tennis fundamentals and putting their skills to the test in matches. Participants learn about the rules and etiquette of the game while exploring how academic concepts like gravity, spin, and force apply to tennis through fun games and activities. Mr. Santosh Mohan
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    Volleyball Club (All Year) Volleyball Club is a co-ed club open to all Harmony students interested in playing volleyball once a week after school with friends. Participants of all skill levels are welcome. Basic volleyball terminology, rules, and key skills will be taught using USA Volleyball's suggested instructional games and activities; but, the main focus will be on actually playing the game. Ms. Amy McKinney
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    Volleyball Clinic for Girls* Come to Volleyball clinics instructed by Ms. Bauder to work on volleyball skills to help you prepare for the Woodgrove Volleyball Team! Ms. Courtney Bauder
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    Walking Club Come walk with Mrs. Rayburn and friends on Friday mornings! Ms. Jennifer Rayburn
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    WEB* (Where Everybody Belongs) WEB is a leadership club. 8th grade students are nominated and trained to mentor 6th grade students as they transition to middle school. Ms. Sarah Schiavo
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    Mr. Jeff Jacobson
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    Ms. Tory Miller
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    The Write Place A creative writing club for All. You do not have to be a great writer to join this club! Come and tell the story only YOU can tell! :) Ms. Susan McGilvray
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    You Matter Club The YOU MATTER CLUB is a student driven club to spread kindness and mental health awareness throughout Harmony Middle School. Students will help organize and run, Harmony's 2nd annual "Relax and Be Kind" day in November and our 3rd annual Mental Health Awareness week in April. Come meet new friends and spread a positive message. Ms. Jamie Sharp
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    Ms. Sarah Miller
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    *Indicates a club sponsored by the PTA!


    For any financial assistance needed to join a club, please contact our Parent Liaison: Betty Webber