• Belmont Ridge Middle School
    Parent Liaison, Kristan Ash
    Hello Belmont Ridge Families!  Welcome to the Parent Liaison webpage and a quick look into all the wonderful programs and activities available to our students and their families.  I am constantly updating the calendar and links to give you constant vision into opportunities in these areas:
    Community Service:  We are constantly striving to "pay it forward" with item specific drives, fundraisers and activities to benefits many different outreach groups in Loudoun County.
    PTO:  Belmont is lucky to have a very active Parent Teacher Organization focused on keeping a calendar jam packed with activities and events to support the school and create lots of fun and excitement. 
    Support/family assistance:  The county has an unbelievable variety of community outreach programs designed to support our students and their families in times of need.  It is our goal to have every student supported and prepared to learn; these asistance programs are designed to do just that in a variety of ways.  if you are in need of assistance, please reach out and we will put the power of these resources to work for you in a highly confidential manner. 
    Giving back:  We know that our families are focused on helping neighbors in need through out our county and here in our neighborhood.  There are so many different ways we can engage your desire to reach out with ongoing county programs.  Please check out the site links for current projects and if you are unable to find just what you or your family is looking for, contact me directly.
    Volunteering:  Looking to spend some time helping out our students and faculty?  We have many ongoing opportunites to reach out.  The PTO blast contains a special section with volunteer projects.  Please let me know if you are looking to volunteer and need direction.
    Questions:  As the link between school and home, I am always available to help:-)  My goal is to be able to point you in the right direction or connect you with the right resource.
    Look forward to working with you!
    Continue reading for the official description from LCPS of the Parent Liaison role:
    What is a Parent Liaison?

    Parent Liaison is a staff member who works to bridge communication between home and school, by helping parents get the information, help, and support they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success.  Confidentiality is upheld.


    How can the parent Liaison help?

    ·         Arranges appointments with teachers or administrative staff

    ·         Coordinates interpreter services

    ·         Advises parents about special events to attend at school

    ·         Advises parents about how to get involved in their child’s education

    ·         Connects parents to community and school resources (medical/glasses, school supplies, after school programs, athletic programs, housing, food, clothing etc.)

    ·         Works closely with the Equity Team and PTSO VP of Diversity on a variety of programs throughout the year to promote parental education and involvement.


    The Belmont Ridge Parent Liaison is Kristan Ash.

    Click here to e-mail Kristan Ash.

    (571) 252-2220