Rock Ridge Phoenix Debate is entering its 5th season in 2018-19 after four very successful years of competition.  Our debaters won the Virginia High School League conference championship in 2017 and advanced seven debaters to the NCFL Grand National Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky in May 2017.  We also helped to host the 2018 NCFL Grand National Tournament here in Washington, DC.
    This year, we plan to train more of our debaters for varsity-level competition, while also recruiting new debaters interested in challenging themselves.  Debate is an excellent activity for developing critical thinking skills and confidence as a persuasive speaker.  It is open to all interested Rock Ridge students.  Our team organizational meeting will be on Thursday, September 6 from 4:15-4:45p.m. in the cafeteria.  Registration forms and nonrefundable dues must be turned in no later than Thursday, September 27 by 4:30 p.m.  Once the deadline is passed, we can take no additional team members for the season.  See one of our team coaches, Mr. Briscoe, Mr. McClain, or Ms. Srinivasan, or one of our team officers (listed below) if you have questions.  Registration packets will be available at our September 6 meeting and also in room L403 (Mr. Briscoe's room) through September 28.  You can also find the information sheets and forms in the packet in the "Registration Materials" section below (posted after September 6).  The registration link for the team listed on the registration instructions handout can be found here.
    2018-19 Debate Team Officers:
    President: Sidharth Devarakonda
    VP for LD Debate: Joelle Nilak
    VP for PF Debate: Pranav Addepalli
    Treasurer: Tarun Chandrasekar
    Lincoln-Douglas Debate Captains: Arul Kumar & Megha Vasudevan
    Public Forum Debate Captains: Isha Kalaga, Surya Mamidyala, & Kabir Menghrajani
    We will be hosting the WACFL Lincoln-Douglas/Speech II Tournament on Saturday, November 17 here at Rock Ridge.  We will need plenty of volunteers beyond just our debate team members, so please check with a coach if you are available to help host the tournament that day.  Check with your club or organization in advance to make sure you can earn service hours.
    As of November 12, e-mails have been sent to debaters and parent volunteers to sign up for hours and (for parents only) donated food items for our judge lounges on November 17.  If you did not receive e-mail notices, please let your coach know right away.
    Please visit our team VISION page and check out registration information, forms, the competition and practice calendar, and other important information provided below when available.
    The team VISION page address is: https://vision.lcps.org/course/view.php?id=8952
    password provided during first week of practice
    Registration Materials (including season calendar)
    IMPORTANT: The Public Forum III tournament will now be on Saturday, December 8 at Broad Run.
    You will also need to have your parents/guardians complete and sign a hard copy of the universal field trip.
    Remember that your dues (checks only please) and all other registration materials are due by September 27 @ 4:30 p.m.  These can be turned in to Mr. Briscoe in L403 or Mr. McClain in 1609.  Registration packets are also available in L403 for students who want hard copies.