• Intersession Programs


    The Intersession Program offers classes to strengthen and extend learning at Middleburg Community Charter School.  The classes offered during Intersession provide students with additional instruction in the areas of language arts, math, technology, science, social studies, the arts and physical education.  The program provides alternative instruction using a thematic, project based approach fill with hands on opportunities to enrich the experience for students.

    Intersession classes are scheduled throughout the school year and are held for one or two weeks during the fall and spring sessions.  Students may sign up for a maximum of two classes per week, a morning and an afternoon session.  Or they may choose to sign up for only one class in either the morning or the afternoon.  Participation is optional.


    The Intersession schedule will follow closely the normal school hours schedule with Arrival between 8 and 8:15 and dismissal at 3:00.


    MCCS Intersession Programs are dependent on the enrollment numbers.  Communication will be sent to our school families regarding the cost for intersession a month prior.  


    MCCS does provide transportation for the Intersessions.  

    Arrival Procedures:

    Our morning session begins promptly at 8:15 a.m.  Students will be notified where their classes will be held in the front hallway.

    Dismissal Procedures:

    Dismissal procedures will be the same as they are during the regular school year.  


    Most classes are designed as self contained units.  In order for students to fully benefit from these learning experiences, they are expected to attend every day for the full length of the Intersession. 

    Behavior Expectations:

    Excellent Middleburg Community Charter School behavior is expected during the Intersession Program.  Students who interfere with the learning of others, or who disrupt the teaching will be referred to the Principal.  If the behavior continues, the student will be removed from the Intersession Program and no refund will be given.  

Last Modified on August 7, 2023