• Ms. Rian L. Vanzego- Student Activities and Engagement Coordinator  Ms. Rian Vanzego, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, received her Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA.  While she originally had aspirations of becoming an attorney, the gift of teaching was embedded too deeply within her.  She moved to Maryland in 2001 and started teaching at Skyline Elementary, where she taught Reading/English Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies.  While this experience was truly enriching, literature is her true passion. 

    Through the Resident Teacher Program, she trained to become an instructor for the secondary level and started working at Bowie High School in Bowie, Maryland.  For the next seven years, she taught grades 10-12, World, American, and British Literature.  From mainstreamed to honors, her hand helped to mold students into more proficient writers and readers.   She also served in other roles as Senior Class Co-sponsor, TOXIC Dance Team Sponsor, African American History Month Sponsor, Sharing Technology with Educators Program (STEP) Liaison, and Mentor for student teachers at Bowie State University.  During this time, she attended Ashford University and received a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology.

    At Gwynn Park High School in Brandywine, Maryland, Ms. Vanzego taught (two years) 11th and 12th grades American, British, and World Literature.  An elective course that she taught was Research/Term paper where she developed her own curriculum.  She was the Co-chair of the Senior Class Project, a research-based project that allows the student to explore “life after high school” in hopes of making them more college and career ready.  Her specialty or area of focus is getting students to become active readers.  She does this by encouraging students to increase brain stamina and vocabulary through sustained reading of many novels.

    In 2011, Ms. Vanzego moved back to Atlanta for two years where she taught at Atlanta Preparatory Academy.  Her decision for teaching at this school was in response to a need for educators.  She responded to the call and taught the 3rd grade Reading/English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Paragon (World Studies).  Because of her hard work with test preparation for the Criterion Referenced Competency Test (a standardized test that 3rd graders need for promotion), she is able to boast of a 100% passing rate for the students in her class.  In addition to her role in the classroom, she served as a Title 1 tutor to students in the middle grades in Reading and Math.

    At Tuscarora, she hopes to maintain a standard of excellence and spirit of achievement with her students.  Ms. Vanzego has been an instructor to American Literature students (English 11) for Academic and Honors classes since 2014.  She loves her students and her passion for the content shines through in her delivery.  She is an adamant beleiver that the expectation for excellence is one that students should know is attainable in her course.  While at Tuscarora, she has served as Collaborative Learning Team Leader, Social Committee Chairperson, Black History Month Coordinator, Unite Co-Coordinator, CAMPUS Facilitator and Creator of Curriculum, SLED English Tutor, and Summer School Credit Recovery Principal.

    She has currently been hired as the Student Activities and Engagement Coordinator. This position allows her to interact with students and parents to offer support with different academic concerns and issues.  Ms. Vanzego is also responsible for "setting the stage" for student events and activities.  She makes sure that the details have been approved and managed so that the event or activity goes forward smoothly.   It is her pleasure to be a member of the Husky family and she looks forward to the days ahead of  supporting and encouraging student success.