• The Ashby Ponds-Farmwell Station Station Friendship Club is active for 2019-2020. The first meeting will be Tuesday, October 1, after school in the Library. See Mrs. Stolte or Mrs. DeNovio in the gym for more details.
    This is a community partnership where residents from Ashby Ponds and students from FSMS meet every second Tuesday of the month at Farmwell to engage in activities such as: playing board games, sharing and talking about talents/hobbies using show and tell, doing arts and crafts, attending school musicals and plays along with many other activities to help students and residents get to know one another.  Snacks and drinks are provided so that students learn to serve their elders before they serve themselves.  We will be attending a holiday concert at Ashby Ponds in December.  See Mrs. DeNovio, or Mrs. Stolte if you have any questions.
    Meeting Schedule/Location:
    1st Tuesday of every month.