Welcome!  My name is Cindy Reardon, and this year I will be teaching Exploratory Drama and  Family and Consumer Science . I am Virginia born and raised, attended Fairfax County schools, and received my bachelor degree in Education from Roanoke College.  I have taught English and history for 19 years in Virginia and Maine.  I moved back to the NoVa area to be closer to my elderly mother. It is through a long-term substitute position in FACS that I fell in love with this subject and decided to add this endorsement to my license. FACS taps into my inner Martha Stewart. I have been sewing and cooking since I was a very small child.  In fact, while most kids had lemonade stands, I was on the corner selling baked goods or art work.  It is my joy to be able to pass these passions on to another generation.


    I am also the JML Players theatre director. I have been invloved with theatre since middle school,or if you ask my family who sat through many skits in our living room, since birth. We are very excited at JML to be offering Drama Exploratory for the first time this year. Drama Exploratory intorduces students to the fundamental concepts of theatre and fosters theatre literacy. Through research,planning, scripting, production, and performance experiences, students will acquire skills in communicating ideas, critiacal thinking, and collaborative problem solving. This course prepares students for further theatrical study and nurtures an appreciation for the many forms of theatre.

    I hope to see many of you working on the show this year. There are so many ways to get involved in the theatre, so there is a place for all of your varied talents. If you are interested in auditioning or working on one of the many crews please go to the JML Players website. There is no family like your theatre family.

    Both FACS and Drama Exploratory involve essential life skills. It is the hope that what you learn in these courses you will carry with you in your future academic endeavors and your life. These courses are hands-on and require collaboration, so it is essential that you be ready to roll up your sleeves and be ready to work with others. It is going to be a great year!!


     Curtain Up!



    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Email:  Cynthia.Reardon@lcps.org

Last Modified on June 18, 2019