• Music Notes Miss Bertoia Music Notes

    Miss Bertoia is so excited to return to Newton-Lee this year!  This will be Miss Bertoia’s fifth year teaching at Newton-Lee and in Loudoun County.  Miss Bertoia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Florida State University in 2014.  She is also very excited to announce that she completed her Masters of Music Education with a concentration in Orff Schulwerk from George Mason University this summer!
     Miss Bertoia studied the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education through AOSA (American Orff Schulwerk Association) and the Mason Academy of the Arts. She earned her Orff Schulwerk certification in the summer of 2017 after completing all three levels of training.  She combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to a child's world of play.  She focuses on student driven instruction and incorporates individual and group improvisation experiences.