• Welcome to United States History to 1865!
    U.S. Capital Under Construction, 1860
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    9 Week Plans for the 2016-2017 School Year
    Flipped Classroom Model
    6th grade history at JML is taught on the flipped classroom model.  The flipped classroom allows delivery of instructional content to take place outside of the classroom. Content is delivered through short, teacher curated video lessons, photo/document analysis, and reflection. This allows class time to be spent on activities tailored to students' needs and interests. 
    Teacher Contact Information 
    If you have a specific question for one of the history teachers, you can email each teacher directly by using the links below:
    Class Materials 
    We will also be making use of Google Classroom as a way to share content and information about what is going on in history class.  All students should have access to this resource by the end of the second week of school.  
    Parents and Students should also frequently check Phoenix frequently for updates on grades and resources. 
    If your child is having difficulty logging on to this system or accessing the resources that we have posted there, please contact Lunsford's Technology Resource Teacher, Ms. Schwartz