• The Breakfast Bunch
    Eighth-grade students who auditioned, and were selected, for The Breakfast Bunch are the morning announcers for Farmwell's daily news show. On that show, students read aloud all the daily announcements regarding clubs, cancellations, upcoming events, etc. They also run the technology behind the scenes and, at times, perform short skits, incorporate music, sound effects, dvd's, etc. into the program. 
    Meeting Schedule/Location:
    Begins at start of school
    Every other day (half of the students perform on the A days, and the other half perform on the B days).
    House A Video Studio 
    8th graders, by audition only. Auditions are held in the Spring, for the next school year. (The 2019-2020 morning announcers have already been chosen. 7th graders interested in auditioning for the 2020-2021 Breakfast Bunch announcer slots will have an opportunity in the Spring of 2020.)
    Special Events:
    Coincides with whatever special events are happening around the school on any given day.