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    STW Application (Fall 2018)

    River Bend Middle School has been recognized by The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform as a School to Watch!!! 


    The goal of Schools to Watch (STW) is to identify and recognize outstanding middle schools across the nation based on the following research based criteria: 

    1.    High-performing middle schools are academically excellent. All students are expected to meet high standards and all teachers use instructional strategies that include a variety of challenging and engaging activities. 

    2.    High-performing middle schools are developmentally responsive to the unique needs of the middle school-aged student. The school creates a personalized environment, provides access to comprehensive services, encourages alliances with families and promotes the development of citizenship skills. 

    3.    High-performing middle schools are socially equitable. Every student is provided with high-quality teachers, resources, learning opportunities and support systems.  

    4.    High-performing middle schools incorporate organizational structures that support these philosophies including school improvement planning, interdisciplinary teaming, use of data, culturally responsive instruction, exploratory curriculum offerings, grade-level houses and places where time is allocated and scheduled to meet these goals. 


    The STW designation must be renewed every three years to show continuous growth in these areas. As the three-year cycle comes around, the staff at the schools must again self-assess and re-evaluate their practices.   

    River Bend Middle School received its first designation in 2010, Re-Designation I in 2013, Re-Designation II status in 2016, and Re-Designation III status in 2018.


    River Bend was also recognized at the LCPS School Board meeting as well as the National Schools to Watch Conference in June 2019 and the Virginia Middle School Association Conference in October 2016.