Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! 

    What is science club?

     The club is designed to teach students about material that they don’t see in middle school (such as dissecting pig), or that they explore in more depth (such as learning about cancer). The club is designed for any and all students interested in learning about science. In the club, we will dissect, build rockets and trebuchets, learn about the human body, use microscopes, and much, much more! Last year, some highlights included determining the actual number of calories in food by setting fire to it, dissecting a pig, heart, and eyes, as well as making rock candy and soap- this upcoming school year, it's a whole new set of adventures for those who participated in it last year. Science club is open to students of all grade levels and experience with science- it's a club for anyone interested in science! This year, we will also be competing in the Continental Science League. Students can compete in both Science Club and Science Olympiad!

    We will meet on Thursday or Friday mornings (whichever day is more covenient for you! We will do the same thing both days!) starting the week of September 5. To participate, please email Ms. Raburn at braburn@lcps.org and drop off a check for $100 made out to Belmont Ridge Middle School, either to Ms. Raburn's room, A-12, or to the main office. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Bree Raburn at braburn@lcps.org