• Why use Google Apps for Education?
    Google Apps is part of Google Drive and has quickly become the common tool used by many in the workforce to work collaboratively on documents and projects. Our students can benefit the same way the adults are. Teachers will have the ability to provide feedback, monitor progress and differentiate instruction. All of this and it's GREEN too!
    What will Stone Hill be doing with Google Apps for Education?
    Stone Hill Middle has acquired a Google hosted collaborative environment called Google Apps for Education. Through our Stonehillmiddle.org domain, students and teachers will be able to collaborate securely. All data is owned by Stone Hill, not by Google. Our students and staff will benefit from having access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other work anywhere they have access to the internet. We are excited to introduce this to our students as our teachers begin to learn best practices. You will learn more if your child has a teacher participating in Google Apps as we begin to pilot it within our school.
    Can parents login?
    There will not be a parent view account. Parents are encouraged to login with their child and explore together.

    Online Security?
    Google Apps is not accessible by anyone outside of Stone Hill Middle School. All data is owned by the school and not Google. Data is not shared outside of this school.

    Will my child have access to inappropriate websites?
    There are no advertisements in Google Apps for Education. This is an online collaboration tool that is used by accessing a web browser and then logging in.

    Why is Stone Hill using Google Apps for Education?
    We believe that our students need collaborative experiences as we prepare them for digital citizenship and 21st century skills. Working together yet being held responsible for individual input is an important part of learning to work on a team. We also believe this environment will give us the ability to provide feedback and differentiate instruction based on needs of individual students. 
    Is Google Apps for Education expensive?
    Google Apps is free and being used by many school districts and Universities around the world.
    Click here for more details about Google Apps for Education.