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     Mrs. Fiolek
    Welcome!  I am very excited to be a part of the Harmony Team again this year.  I will be teaching 6th and 7th grades on "A Days."  I studied art at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA and have my BA in both Art Education and Art Therapy.  I competed in Rowing there as well as coaching the Freshman team.  Ceramics is my medium of choice, and in my free time I enjoy hiking and running on the Appalachian Trail.
    I love teaching art because I am given the opportunity to open the creative thought process of students of all learning levels and inspire them to express their ideas through innovative techniques which will foster both academic and social growth.

    Through art I can teach in a holistic way. Art is connected to other facets of education in the way it intertwines with other academic subjects and nurtures personal and expressive growth.

    In art classes students become involved in learning about history, culture, aesthetics, and criticism. They develop visual, technical, and manipulative skills through a variety of media.

    Visual arts are used to beautify, record history, express feelings, inspire, educate, make social/political statements, reveal/express cultural characteristics, share, and enrich our lives.

    I am intrigued by students' uninhibited originality, honesty, and creativity, which is brought to life by art. Art education is a personal experience for my students and me, as art is a mirror of who we are.

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