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Mr. Farnum


My greatest belief, as a result of 20+ years of working in schools, is that the most important thing you can focus on in the classroom is building relationships. You can’t focus on goals, you can’t focus on growth, if you aren’t first focusing on building a community in your classroom. 

I want very much for my students to achieve at a higher potential. Even more so, though, I want to see them being their best both in and out of the classroom.


My favorite things are when students find the things that get them wanting to go further. Whether it’s realizing that a type of math work is more fun than you thought, or whether you’re adding to your writing not because you’re required to, but because you had new ideas, and you wanted to tie them in. When kids are making, designing, doing, and sharing, it’s the best!


If there’s a chance to do something in a silly way, or with art, music, or dancing, if we’re tying in pop culture references, or if the kids are teaching me, that’s where I want to be teaching. I know there are a lot of important things to get to, but it’s my goal that we’ll get a chance to learn while creating, performing, and laughing!

Teaching since: 1999
Previously From: Originally from the Detroit area, I’ve lived in St. Augustine, FL for the last 18 years.
Education: I graduated from Oakland University in Michigan with a BS in Elementary Education
Hobbies: Cycling (road and MTB), drawing and painting, hiking, vegan cooking, movies

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