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    Falcon Image Denise Rosile
     Department: Fine Art 

    Welcome to my website!

    • I am looking forward to a great year teaching four sections of Art 1, Drawing & Painting Semester I & II, Semester Ceramics, and Semester Sculpture.
    • I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Columbus College of Art & Design, and earned my teaching credentials at Youngstown State University, both in my home state of Ohio.
    • Prior to moving to Loudoun County I taught art for the Youngstown (Ohio) City School System.
    • This year I will be sponsoring Art Club.  

    Columbus College of Art & Design

    The Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio


    My 2020-21 Schedule:     9:15-9:30       Advisory

                                              9:35-10:57     Blk 1: Sem Draw/Paint

                                              11:02-12:24   Blk 2: Art 1

                                              12:29-12:59   A Day  Lunch

                                              12:59-2:36     Blk 3: Planning

                                              2:41-4:03       Blk 4: Art 1

                                              9:15-9:30       Advisory

                                              9:35-10:57     Blk 5: Art 1

                                              11:02-12:24   Blk 6: Sem Ceramics

                                              12:29-2:06     Blk 7: Art 1 

                                              2:06 -2:36      B Day Lunch

                                              2:41- 4:03      Blk 8: FA Dept Common Planning 

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