• My name is Heather Brewington and I am the Transition Teacher at Dominion High School.  In addition to teaching Career Pathways, Clubhouse courses,and Tier III interventions, the Transition Teacher works with students who receive resource assistance to link them to adult service agencies and pre/post-secondary employment and training opportunities (i.e. vocational assessments, vocational education, apprenticeships, and college supports).  Students are often referred to the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DARS), the Community Services Board (CSB) or Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) for comprehensive services.  The Transition Teacher works with a job coach to secure jobs and support students participating in work experience as part of their high school curriculum. 

    I have a B.S. in Education from West Virginia State University and am presently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Special Education from George Mason University.  I have taught fourth grade and was the job coach at Stone Bridge High School for five years. This is my second year as the transition teacher for Dominion High School.  

    You can reach me by email at heather.brewington@lcps.org or by phone at (571)434-4400.