• Hello and Welcome!

    My name is Adam Bourassa. The students refer to me as "Mr. B". I am a teacher in the ID/MD and Autism Program here at the school.

    I first came to Dominion in the Fall of 2013 as a teacher assistant in a self-contained autism classroom. I am now currently in my second year teaching and I am happy to have spent these past few years here in Titan Territory. All students enrolled in my classes are held to a high standard and high expectations both inside the school building and outside in the community during Community Based Instruction (CBI). I have learned that through appropriate support and instruction, anyone and everyone can achieve great things inside and outside of school.

    If you ever need to contact me the phone number for the school is 571-434-4400. My room number is L503. My email address is adam.bourassa@lcps.org.


    I look forward to another great year here in Titan Territory!!

    Adam Bourassa