Mr. David Stephenson
    Department: Computer Applications
    Team: Career and Technology
    Room: Computer Lab 1
    Planning: A-Days, Block 4; B-Days, Block 7
    Before School Hours: By appointment
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     Welcome to the Board Room!!
    "The Corporate Experience"

    A "key" to your future foundation...Unlock your potential!!

    Introduction to Computer Applications,  formerly Keyboarding
    Education: Mr. Stephenson is a 14th year teacher at Farmwell Middle School. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Marketing Management and a minor in English, 1987. In 2006, Mr. Stephenson completed his licensure course work at Old Dominion University.  He received his Masters of Education in Integrating Technology in Schools at George Mason University, 2013.
     Background: Over 16 years of experience selling large scale software systems to the commercial and federal market places. The last two years, he was VP of North American Sales for an international software company. He has a broad background in sales, PR, marketing, promotion, management and other major areas of business. He retired from software sales (click on the link to see a press release) in 2005 to pursue a career in teaching. Lastly, he started his own pet sitting business specializing in large birds/exotics. It is now the largest in the MD/VA/DC area. To see more, please visit his company's site: http://www.m2birdsitters.com.
     Goals: I have several goals for students. My primary goal is to teach students a wide variety of computer applications and keyboarding skills using the QWERTY touch method. Secondly, I will use real business projects to reinforce their computer application skills. These will include business cards, budgets, resumes, book reviews, and magazine advertisements, among others. I plan to instill and introduce students to "real world" business concepts (i.e. basic ethics, failure, do your best, win-win, and other successful traits) AND convey how they are applicable to keyboarding and the student's future in terms of school, jobs, saving time, and communicating more effectively. Students will also learn Scratch Coding!  Lastly, they will learn Entrepreneurship--how to start their own food truck business.
    Facts: Computer Applications is more than typing--it is a set of foundational skills. According to a recent study, over 96% of jobs in the United States use computers and related coding, business and keyboarding skills. Don't get left behind!
    One To The World: Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship will be positioned as "The Corporate Experience," where students will be immersed in a wide array of business and computer challenges.  The first quarter is "On the Job Training, " where students will learn to set goals, objectives, manage deadlines and submit projects.  It is just like starting a new job and getting training they need to be successful. In the second quarter, "Its All Business."  Here, students will be engaged in authentic business problems, which reflect the real-world scenarios. They will be working on Career/Skills Analysis, Resumes, Business Cards, Business Correspondence, and Web Advertisements--among others.   Lastly, they will be enrolling in my online class for Coding in Middle School or C.A.M.S.  This is hosted by MIT and involves "Scratch Coding." They will be displaying and sharing their coding portfolios with the local community and the world!!!
     Message: "This is such a pivotal time in students' lives. It should be full of foundation building, promise and fun. I look forward to working with each of you to make this year a success. Communication is key, so 'lets get down to business!'"
    "Chairman of the Board"
    Phone: (571) 252-2320 
    Co-Sponsor, Yearbook Club, 2014-2018
    Advisor, Sources of Strength, 2018-2019
    Co-Sponsor, Community Builders Club, 2018--current
    Digital Citizenship
    Washington Post, Loudoun County Teacher of the Year Finalist, 2018.
    Certified Digital Citizenship Educator, 2015-2018.   
    Shenandoah University, Loudoun County Teacher of the Year Finalist, 2014 (8x nominee).
    P.I.E. Award Winner (Partners in Education), 2011.

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