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  • 3/15/2021

    As we continue getting used to being back in the building for learning, please keep the following in mind for PE:

    • Expect to be active.
    • Expect to sweat.
    • Wear appropriate clothes and shoes for PE.
    • Bring a water bottle.
    • Wear your mask.
    • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.


    It's great to have students back in the building!

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  • No Weights, No Problem

    Posted by John Destefano on 3/17/2021

    COVID restrictions and other limitations have forced us rethink how we can approach our fitness. But sometimes rethinking can mean returning to old approaches.

    This school year, we've been focusing our workouts around exercises that can be done with just our bodyweight. This is one of the oldest approaches to fitness. If you look at ancient cultures, from the Spartans to ancient China, you'll find bodyweight exercises formed into some sort of regimen. In fact, calisthenics, which is the word typically associated with bodyweight exercises, comes from the Greek kalos sthenos, which means "beautiful strength".

    There are so many ways we can move our bodies and increase or decrease resistance to suit our needs. The website Darebee, which is linked on this HPE Department page, offers free bodyweight workouts everyday. Most days, we use the Workout-of-the-Day, or WoD, in class, doing at least 3 sets with a bit of rest in between. This gets our heart rates up and allows us to build foundational strength.

    If exercising is your goal, don't neglect the simplicity of using your own bodyweight.

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  • Looking Ahead

    Posted by John Destefano on 3/15/2021

    Next year, the alternative education program for LCPS will be moving into a brand new building and beginning a new journey as The North Star School. This is going to be an exciting opportunity to begin again, and as the Health and PE teacher, I am so excited an honored to be a part of this transition.

    In preparation, I've been working with our HPE supervisor to equip North Star for our fitness and wellness needs. The new building has some space constraints, but we aren't going to let that stand in our way of having the best fitness- and wellness-based PE program in the county. 

    As details come to light and news rolls in, I'll update here. For now, stay active and stay tuned.

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