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    This is Mrs. Nuñez's fifth year teaching academic environmental science and has the privilege of teaching a first ever AP Environmental Science class! She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Mundelein College, Chicago IL, and a Master of Science in Biology with a focus in fishery biology, from Northeast Louisiana University.
    During the summer of 2018, she attended a week long institute on AP Environmental Science to help assist in prepping the curriculum for our Patriots. The AP test is scheduled May 6, 2019.  She also attended a three day workshop with the Alice Ferguson Foundation, Bridging the Watershed. I am pointing to a beautiful brown water snake on top of the "snake wall" at Harpers Ferry. Mrs. Nuñez continues to work towards her Virginia Tech Certificate of Graduate Study in Natural Resources.
    She enjoys exploring Claude Moore Park with her students and watch them grow as stewards for the environment. She will also be a chaperon for the Alaska trip in May 2019.
     "The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth"
    ~Chief Seattle, 1854 
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    1st   Planning
    2nd  MABS EnvScience
    3rd   Enviromental Science
    4th   Environmental Science
    5th   Cohort Planning
    6th   MABS EnvScience
    7th   APES
    8th   Translation Duty
    APES Environmental Science
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    I will be using a Google Classroom for posting assignments,documents, videos, and notices.  Some quizzes may appear as well.

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    APES:  APES Syllabus 1819

    Environmental Science: Syllabus 1819

    Environmental Science is listed on the syllabus.
    APES is a work in progress but will usually follow the  prescribed topics as listed on the syllabus. 
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