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  •   Mr. Casto: 8th Grade Civics and Econ

     Harmony Hornet
    Mr. Casto received his BA from West Virginia University (Let's Go Mountaineers!) and his MS from Troy University.  This is his 5th year teaching Civics/Economics at HMS. He previously taught 7th grade US History at Christiansburg Middle School in Christiansburg, VA.
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     1st Block   Civics/Econ
     2nd Block  Planning
     3rd Block   Civics/Econ (H)
     4th Block   Civics Econ 
     5th Block   Civics/Econ (H)
     6th Block   Planning
     7th Block   Civics/Econ (H)
     8th Block   Civics/Econ
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