• Art 3

    LCPS Course Description
    The Loudoun County Public Schools’ High School Art Education Program infuses art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetic critiques. Art III is designed to provide students with the opportunity to initiate ideas, develop plans, and broaden the range of experiences within each media. The students will write about and discuss increasingly sophisticated opinions and judgments about the work of their own, peers, and historical/professional examples based on experience and discussion in the class setting. The students will add to a continuing portfolio for the purpose of generating ideas, recording visual incidence, analyzing historical/professional examples, and exploring imaginative/symbolic ideas.



    Topics Covered

    There will be a wide range of topics covered through various 2D and 3D projects.  Students will also complete analytical writings and critiques.


    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Sculpting
    • Printmaking
    • Assembling
    • Imaging


    • Recognizing (Art Periods, Art Styles, Artists, Works of Art)


    • Describing
    • Analyzing
    • Interpreting
    • Judging


    • Questioning
    • Articulating


    The Art Classroom at Home

    All Students are to be linked to my class on Google Classroom.  This will be where all assignments (except those done in the sketchbook) will be submitted.  No assignments will be physically turned in.

    Whenever information is presented, that information will be also found online in the Google Classroom.


    Attendance & Assessment

    This course is a studio-based course. The majority of the work created for your portfolio will happen within the confines of the art room. Attendance is essential. Unexcused absences or lateness will adversely affect your grade. Work or critiques missed due to unexcused absences or lateness will receive no credit.  If there is ever an issue with getting work completed, my favorite saying is:

    Be PROACTIVE so that I do not have to be REACTIVE


    Due Dates vs Deadlines

         Assignments and projects are due at the end of class on the established designated date. 2 points will be deducted for every class day an assignment is late.

    Deadlines are usually 2 weeks after the due date- work will NOT be accepted for a grade after the deadline.

    Understanding my grading timeline: if work if submitted on time, it will be reflected in the gradebook within 3 days.  If work is submitted late, it will be 2 weeks before it is reflected in the gradebook.


         The following categories are what most assignments will fall into:

    • In Class Assignments- usually smaller point (5-20 pts) assignments that lead into larger assignments
    • Summative Projects- larger projects that take several classes to complete, usually 50-100 pts
    • Sketchbook Assignment- a sketchbook assignment will be given at the beginning of each quarter and will be due at the end of each quarter. They are 50 pts each.
    • Homework- if I feel there is something that needs to be done outside of class to supplement the material covered inside the classroom, I will assign small homework assignments.  Often they are 10-20 points.


    Technology in the Classroom

    FHS is a BYOT school.  What this means is “students who have submitted their electronically signed Acceptable Use Policy, may, at the discretion of their classroom teachers, use their own technology for academic purposes in the classroom for academic purposes only.”

    In MY classroom, the rule is: Cell Phones and laptops must be turned off and put away unless permission is given.

    A warning will be given for failing to follow this expectation and Professionalism Points will be taken away for that project. If failure to follow this expectation becomes habitual, further action (turning in cell phone to the office, parent conference, detention, etc.) may need to be taken to preserve a productive classroom. If you would like to listen to your own music, you may use an non-wifi/internet connected device such as a mp3 player.

    Life happens, if an emergency call needs to be made or taken, please communicate the situation with me before class.   I cannot emphasize how much of a distraction cell phones have become in the classroom. They can also be a powerful learning too but the privilege has been abused to excess. That students will be given permission to take out their own devices or be provided a school laptop when technology will be used as a tool for learning.