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    Department: Health, Physical, & Driver's Education
    Room: MGYM & LC101
    Planning Blocks: 1st & 5th
    Teacher Biography

    This is Mr. Markosky's 10th year at Freedom High School teaching Health, Physical, & Driver's Education. He grew up in Owego, New York and went on to graduate from Bridgewater College with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education. This is also his 7th year working with PEER. When not teaching, he likes to spend time with his wife Michelle, his two kids Sadie & Brett, and his dog Abby.

    Teacher Welcome Video: Click Here

    Announcements: On the first day of school, all students please meet in the Main Gym.
    *10th Grade Health, Physical, & Driver's Education
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    *Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships
         Block 1: Planning
         Block 2: HPE/DE
         Block 3: PEER (LC101)
         Block 4: HPE/DE
         Block 5: Planning
         Block 6: HPE/DE  
         Block 7: HPE/DE  
         Block 8: HPE/DE
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    Current Grades 
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    Contact Information
    Freedom High School | 25450 Riding Center Drive | South Riding, VA
    P: (703)-957-4300 (Ext# Men's PE Office)| F:(703)-542-2086