The Rock's Health & PE Department

    Mr. Carter (10th grade PE & Drivers Ed)

    Mr. Craig (9th grade PE & Health)  

    Mr. Geyer (10th grade PE & Drivers Ed)  

    Mr. Lalli (9th grade PE & Health)    

    Mrs. Obzud (10th grade PE, Drivers Ed & NASM)  

    Mr. Urquhart (9th grade PE, Health & Weight Training)    


           Our goal for the 2023-2024 academic year is to make Physical Education fun!  We want our students to try new sports and activities this year.  Our hope is for all students to find ways they can be active as young adults and beyond.  Throughout the year, our students will be offered choices of team sports (flag football, basketball etc.), lifetime activities (hiking, tennis, golf, pickleball etc.), and fitness classes (pilates, yoga etc.).


    Driver Education Information

    We offer permit testing at Rock Ridge high school. Testing is available once a month after school.  Dates and registration can be found  in your child's PE Schoology page. 

    We also offer Behind the Wheel driving---the final step to getting your license.  Registration for Behind the Wheel can be found by clicking this link.

    Classroom Driver Education is completed in the 1st semester of sophomore year.  DEC cards can be picked up upon completion of classroom Driver Education from the counseling secretary.