•  The Rock's English Department

    The goal of the Rock Ridge English Department is to graduate students who are effective communicators and life-long readers by developing the ability to navigate and synthesize sources and fostering student ownership through choice to develop an authentic writing process with publishing opportunities.


     English Department

    Johanna Ayala-Walsh 

    Department Chair

    AP Language, Dual Enrollment English



    Tyler Anderson

    Dual Enrollment English


    Jennifer Beasley

    AP Language


    Jessica Berg

    English 11, Woman's Studies Program


    Colleen Bianucci

    English 12, English 10


    Katy Greiner

    English 9, Journalism, Newspaper


    Sean Heron

    English 10, Writing Center


    Paul Koch

    English 9, English 11, Creative Writing


    Samuel McClain

    English 10, Public Speaking


    Susan Spengeman

    English 11, AP Literature


    Sara Watkins

    English 11, English 9


    Shelby Whittington

    English 9