• Dear Parents or Guardians: 
    My name is Sarah A. Loredo and this is my third year working at the home of the Captains. I am an EL Teacher and work mostly with the Newcomers at Loudoun County High School. This year I will continue teaching the four by four class of Newcomers English in the first semester  and World English.in the second semester. The difference this year is that Mr. Jahori and I will co-teach the Newcomers and the Levels 1 and 2 students, providing a more engaging learning experience for our students. I also teach the Newcomers' Pre-Algebra class, hoping that this year, students will build a stronger foundation of Algebra since we are changing this to be a four by four class. This will help the English Learners become successful as they navigate their Math classes. Additionally, I will co-teach the Personal Finance class, supporting the English Learners. My goal as I work with the ELs, especially the Newcomers, is to help them adjust to their new learning environment as they develop the skills to succeed academically and socially, as we all work together as a community to also meet their emotional needs.