Miss Lynel Seigh

Phone: 571-252-2280


Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Lynel Seigh

I am excited to be part of the Wolf Pack for our fifth year at Trailside. Our latest adventure begins soon, and I can’t wait! It is a privilege to be part of this journey and am looking forward to new joys, opportunities, excitement, and experiences with our newest Timber Wolves.


I have eighteen years experience in education. I began my teaching career in fifth grade, was a technology coach at the middle school level for five years, and have inspired and ignited a love of science with sixth grade students for the last nine years. Below is part of my educational philosophy and my wish for this upcoming year:


I wish for…

·         my classroom to be like the world: always in motion, always discovering new things

·         every learner to feel a part of our community

·         learning to come from experiences, not just from pages in books

·         a child’s gifts and struggles to be recognized and appreciated

·         creativity to be a habit shared with everyone

·         mistakes to be viewed as opportunities

·         a learning environment where we collaborate and learn from each other

·         thinking, laughter, and questions to fill the air

·         the freedom for learners to explore, discover, and develop their own passions and interests

·         my students to know that I am still a learner, too



I grew up in western Pennsylvania, graduated with an Elementary Education degree from the University of Pittsburgh, obtained my Masters degree in Education with a focus in Instructional Technology from Troy University, and am looking to continue my education in the next few years. In my spare time I enjoy being adventurous outside, traveling to new places, adding stamps to my passport, enjoying time with family and friends, coaching volleyball, reading a good book, and cheering on Pittsburgh sports teams, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins.


I am looking forward to meeting our new Timber Wolf pack very soon.