• Getting Started with Excel Workshop for High School Counselors: 4/23/2014


    Key Concepts
    -Importing Data
    -Sort and Filter
    -Conditional Formatting
    -Pivot Tables

    Importing Data Tips & Tricks
    -The GQSCHOOL.text file exported from StarWeb is an excellent source for student data for Excel projects. (Follow old GradeQuick export instructions.)
    -Always include Student Number if possible.
    -Always include First Name and Last Name as separate fields if possible.
    -Excel format is better than CSV is better than PDF.
    -Use Text to Column feature in Excel to unmerge fields.
    -Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 is on the HS instructional computers. Gives option to Save As Other.
    -Sometimes easier to import to Word first then copy and paste into Excel.

    Excel Challenges for Guidance Counselors
    Challenge: Import course offering data into Excel.
    Challenge: Identify Female Seniors with a GPA above 3.5 for a scholarship.
    Challenge: Identify Minority 9-10th graders for a summer enrichment program.
    Challenge: Identify student with a GPA above 3.0 for an Academic Letter.
    Challenge: Determine how many students are enrolled in each course. 
    Challenge: Determine letter grade earned by student in a course. A, B, C, D, F

    Examples of School Based Excel/Database Projects
    -Course recommendation spreadsheet for elective teachers and multiple recommendations.
    -AP Test Fee Invoices
    -Academic Letters and Pins
    -Survey Data from CMS
    -Student Goal Setting Sheets
    -School Based Grade Verifications (Old)
    -Paper based Interim (Old)