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Eighth Grade Volare Team
Mrs. Smith        English      
Ms. Foti           Civics       
Mr. Spangler     Science     



Contacting Us


We encourage communication between home and school.  The school website is a quick and convenient way to obtain information.  You may use the links above (click on a name) or the staff link on the school website to access any teacher’s individual webpage, which contains useful information such as homework assignments, syllabi and class expectations.  The agenda is useful for jotting down small notes to the teacher.  Also, you can contact any of us by e-mail or by calling the school at (571) 252-2140 or the house A office at (571) 252-2148.  If you would like to schedule a conference, please contact Ms. Jacoby to do so. 


Extra Help Before and After School


            Should a student require additional help with their studies, they may meet with their teacher by appointment (check each individual teacher's web page also to see if there is a regular time the teacher holds extra help time).  Any student who wishes to meet with a teacher before or after school must make prior arrangements with that teacher.  If meeting before school, the student must have a pass signed by the teacher and must be at the front door (near the main office) at the agreed upon time for the teacher to let them into the school.  If staying after school, the student must provide a signed note from home granting permission to stay after school with an indication as to how the student will be getting home (either by pick-up, walking, or by the activity bus).  Activity busses will be running Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and leave the school at approximately 4:20pm.   


Last Modified on September 27, 2016