The art department continues to build programs and produce works to enhance the environment at Eagle Ridge Middle School. In art: our students are active and involved. Students work with purpose - exploring, discovering, creating, and learning. They also gain insight about the world and themselves. Our students participate in rotating art exhibits throughout the county and at Eagle Ridge. These include displays at  George Washington University, Shenandoah University and the Loudoun County Administrative Offices.

    3 Goals of the LCPS Art Program:
    1. Students will master the process involved in discovering, exploring, analyzing, discussing, reflecting, recording, and synthesizing the personal, historic, and cultural importance of the visual arts.
    2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the collective body of knowledge associated with the visual arts including: principles and elements of design, color theory, technical skills, critical/creative skills, historic and cultural comparisons, and the vocabulary pertaining to each area. 
    3. Students will understand and can discuss in written and oral forms the powerful communicative and transformative qualities of the visual arts.

    Annual Eagle Ridge Art Department Activities 

    -Student Art Show- George Washington University
    -Student Art Show- Loudoun County Central Office
    -Yearlong rotating art exhibits/ERMS main hallways and display cases
    -After School Art Club
    -Develop and implement school wide projects/300 or more students
    -One to the World Public Art Displays (locations vary based on teacher)
    -County wide Art Teacher Continuing Education
Last Modified on September 10, 2018