Sterling Middle School Counseling Department


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    Sterling Middle School Counseling Department Vision Statement 

    The diverse students of Sterling Middle School are meaningful contributors to society.  They are resilient, responsible decision makers able to communicate effectively to make positive changes in their community.  They are prepared to overcome challenges in an ever-changing world.


    Sterling Middle School Counseling Department Mission Statement 

    The mission of the Sterling Middle School Counseling Department is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, developmentally appropriate counseling program to address all students' academic, career and personal/social needs.  Through an engaging, caring environment, school counselors will support students in identifying personal strengths and passions that will allow them to thrive in a global society.  School counselors will collaborate with all stakeholders to foster students' ability to reach their maximum potential.

    6th Grade Counselor: Kristina Perez (Kristina.Perez@lcps.org)
    7th Grade Counselor: Supriya Thomare (Supriya.Thomare@lcps.org
    8th Grade Counselor: Fatima Haris (Fatima.Haris@lcps.org)
    6th-8th Grade and Lead Counselor: Gina Sedor (Gina.Sedor@lcps.org)
Last Modified on February 3, 2021