•  Hello.  I am Mrs. Milam.  This is my eleventh year teaching at Eagle Ridge Middle School.  I have taught in many different states, but almost always in eighth grade and absolutely always in public schools.  In reverse order, I was in Washington DC for a short time, Detroit for ten years (not quite on 8 Mile, but on 7 Mile), southern California, in a small town called El Centro, for six years, and I also substitute taught in upstate New York, in the small town of Wolcott.  I am a native of California and was influenced by my own eighth grade teacher to love reading, to love learning, and to want to be a teacher.  
     I have three children that are all grown and out of the house.  They were wonderful students and all attended The University of Michigan. Go Blue!  All three are married and two have children.  My grandchildren are the light of my life, although I don't see them very often.
    a picture of my family in san antonio texas this summer  
     Here are my grandchildren (left to right):  Charlotte, Ben, Lucy (being held by her Grandpa Dave, my husband), Finley Claire, Emily, and David.  
    I love to spend my free time reading.  I usually have two or three books going at once.  And I watch a lot (too much?) T.V.  There are just so many good shows on!  I go to church every Sunday in Purcellville, where I live.  And, finally, I have a dog, a Jack Russell terrier, whose name is Frodo, because he is a little hobbit.