2022--2023 MSA Officers
    Mehdi Hussain -- President
    Zain Hai and Tassnim Ouhssayne --Co- Vice President
    Rayyan Alam and Owais Khawaja -- Co- Secretary
    Sofiya Almaz-- Social Media
    Sponsor:  Sra. Schneider
    MSA Club Interest Meeting
    8 Sept 2022 @ 4:30pm room 107
    Club Meeting @ 4:30 pm Room 107
    22 Sept 
    6 Oct
    20 Oct
    3 Nov
    17 Nov
    1 Dec
    15 Dec
    5 Jan
    19 Jan
    2 Feb
    16 Feb
    9 Mar
    23 Mar
    13 Apr
    27 Apr
    11 May
    25 May
    1 Jun

    Who We Are: The Muslim Student Association will help unite the Muslim community here at Potomac Falls. MSA helps students learn more about Islam and the Islamic faith by staying connected throughout the school year, as well as teaching others things they might not know.


     Please contact MSA Sponsor Sra. Schneider at the email above for more information.  Thank you!