• Model UN
    SPONSOR:  Ms. Jessica Hiemstra
    What is Model UN:  As per Model United Nations Website:
    As delegates representing UN member states, students research their country and issue, which can include topics such as human rights, peace and security, food and hunger, economic development, and the environment, and develop a position. They then participate in Model UN conferences, where they give speeches, negotiate with other states, draft and pass resolutions, and ultimately attempt to resolve world problems and conflicts. Through this process, students gain understanding of the needs and goals of the country that they represent and how their country interacts within the international community on the given topic. Students that participate in Model UN are more globally aware and develop skills in researching, writing, public speaking, communication, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.
    Meetings:  Meetings are held every Thursday from 4:15pm - 5:00pm, as per the school year schedule. A Google Meets link will be provided through the Schoology Group "JCHS MUN." MUN follows LCPS closures due to inclement weather.