Health & PE Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    Longwood University 
    George Mason University
    Mr. Lassiter 
    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education k-12 from Longwood University and a Master’s degree in Integrating Technology in School from George Mason University. I am beginning my 30th year in the Loudoun County Public School System and I have also taught in Fairfax County and Appomattox County.
    I am also a product of the Loudoun County School system. I attended the following schools in Loudoun County:  Emerick Elementary; Blue Ridge Middle School; Loudoun Valley and Loudoun County High School.
    In Loudoun County I have taught Physical Education at Seneca Ridge Middle School; Evergreen Mill and Lucketts Elementary; Harper Park Middle School; Eagle Ridge Middle School and currently here at Heritage High School.
    I was a Fitness Instructor for Gold's Gym close to Ten years teaching Body Sculpt; Sports Conditioning; Kickboxing; Boxing and Abs/Stretching classes. I was also a Tae Kwon Do instructor for several years learning from Martial Artists such as Jeff Smith; David Oakley; and Michael Dietrich. I taught classes for David Oakley for several years.

    As you can see, teaching has been a major part of my life, and though the road has not always been smooth the journey has been a lot of fun.



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