• Bowling Club will run via the school-wide clubs during the school day.  I will be having a mandatory club interest meeting on Wednesday, October 9th after school in room B12 for students.  Parents are welcome.  

    Here is the proposal:

    Students who want to participate in the Bowling Club this year will have to do so during school day clubs during 2nd and 3rd quarter.  The purpose is so students will not miss any academic instruction.  In previous years students had to leave early from their last block of the day in order to meet the bus to get to the location.  By meeting during the school-wide club time we would eliminate this issue.  The goal is to still attend 7 trips to the local bowling ally, but this year since we have more time we are going to bowl 2 games and hopefully, we will have a USBC coach at the ally to help the students with the basic mechanics of the sport.  On days we do not go to the ally, we will have fun doing bowling related activities and other fun games.  

    If you have any questions, please attend the meeting on Wednesday, October 9th right after school in room B12.


    I can always be reached via email at Jennifer.Herrin@lcps.org

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