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    The bowling club will be taking several trips to a Village Lanes in Leesburg, VA.  This year we are going to have the club meet during the in-school club days.  This will allow students not to miss any academic instruction.  We will still leave school for trips to the local ally, however on days we do not leave the building we will do other bowling activities and games.  For students wanting to do bowling club will have to choose the bowling club as their in-school club.  Clubs will begin in November and will run through the end of 3rd quarter.  If students do other clubs on Wednesdays after school, please note that they will miss those clubs on our bowling trip days since we leave the building and do not return until @ 4:30.  The dates of our trips are below.

    My goal is on trip days to leave the building @3:15 and return by 4:30 in time for the Activity Buses.  The Activity Buses drop off students near their regular bus stop, so be sure your child aware that they may have to walk a little further if they ride the Activity Bus home.  Parents are always welcome to pick up the students at the ally by @ 4:30 or at the school @ 4:45. Below are the dates of the trips and meetings.  The fees cover all 7 trips to the bowling alley and include shoes, one game of bowling, and part of the bus fees.   


    Meeting dates:    Wednesday, Oct 9th

    Location: B-12

    If you missed the meeting see Mrs. Herrin in B12


    The trip dates are as follow:                               

    December 4th

    December 18th

    January 8th

    January 22nd

    February 5th

    February 19th

    March 4th

    We can make up any missed days in March if necessary.

    At the alley, we are going to bowl (2) games and return to Simpson.  The cost of each trip will be $10 per trip.  This includes 2 games, shoes, and bus fees.  If you have your own shoes, please deduct $2.00 per trip. 


    Either a check made out to JLSMS or cash will be accepted.   I am required to turn the money into the bookkeeper and a check request must be made, so please turn in money by the due date.  If money is not turned in by the date given, then the student will not be able to attend the trips.  If for any reason financial assistance is needed, please contact me directly.


    Permission slips for the trips, money collection and more information will be shared when we meet during in-school club days.


    Parents are welcome and encouraged to meet us at the bowling alley to support the students.


    If you need to contact me with any questions or concerns, you may do so either via email Jennifer.Herrin@lcps.org or call the school at 571-252-2840. 

    Click here for a permission slip

Last Modified on November 13, 2019