Course Overview 
    Math 7 is designed to prepare students for Math 8 or Algebra I and to achieve success on the Virginia Math 7 Standards of Learning Test.  In this course, students will be actively engaged with class instruction and technology.  Throughout the course, students will focus on mathematical concepts and computational skills involving number and number sense, computation and estimation, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics and patterns, functions, and algebra. 

    First Nine Weeks


    Absolute Value

    Powers of Ten

    Scientific Notation

    Square Numbers & Roots

    Compare & Order Rational Numbers


    Third Nine Weeks


    Relations and Functions

    Proportions & Consumer Math

    Similar Figures




    Second Nine Weeks


    Operations with Rational Numbers Evaluating Expressions

    Solving Linear Equations & Inequalities



    Fourth Nine Weeks



    Volume & Surface Area





    Math 7 teachers:
    Dr. Oliver
    Mrs. Hiltz
    Mr. Sansonetti
    Ms. Weber
Last Modified on August 20, 2019