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Below are some videos that we found interesting and wanted to share. Check back periodically for new additions.
Street Math  - Street Math - Laura Overdeck
Let's Teach for Mastery - Not Test Scores - Sal Khan (creator of Khan Academy)
Your Brain on Video Games - Daphne Bavelier, cognitive researcher, presents her research to a TED audience. 
The Flipped Classroom - This is a short video by the teachers that were at the forefront of this teaching style. 
Why I Flipped my Classroom - This is another short video that explains how the flipped classroom can reach all students. 
Yup, I Built a Nuclear Fusion Reactor  - Taylor Wilson, 14 year old, TED Talk.
A Promising test for Pancreatic Cancer ... from a teenager -  Jack Andraka, 17 year old, TED Talk.