• Indoor Drumline!

    Indoor Drumline is an extracurricular ensemble comprised of marching band’s two percussion sections: the battery and front ensemble. Like marching band, Indoor Drumline uses a combination of visual, musical, and theatrical performance to convey a theme or story (though in a gymnasium, instead of on a football field). The indoor season begins as the outdoor season ends, and typically runs from November to the first weekend in April. Broad Run currently competes in the Atlantic Indoor Association competition circuit, attending multiple Saturday competitions between February and April. The majority of students in this group are returning percussionists from marching band who wish to continue to refine their marching percussion skills in preparation for the next season. Some members have no marching band experience at all – Indoor Drumline welcomes orchestra, guitar, and solo instrumentalists with no prior ensemble involvement. Though any student may participate, auditions are held to establish instrumentation within the ensemble.
    Let Mr. Blanks know here if you want more information regarding Indoor Drumline!