Stone Hill Gifted Resource (Spectrum) Teachers:

     Crissie Miller (8th Grade & Eligibility Coordinator) & Lori Marr (6th and 7th Grade)


    Interested in the Eligibility Process for Gifted Services?


    • In Middle School, this program is called SPECTRUM.

    • If a student was in the Futura program in 5th grade at LCPS, they are automatically enrolled  in Spectrum for 6th grade.

    • If a student was found eligible for gifted services in another county in Virginia or another state, they still need to complete the LCPS Gifted eligibility process.

    • Any students who have been attending LCPS or students new to LCPS MUST go through the same eligibility evaluation process. 

    • The eligibility process usually takes the entire 1st semester to complete.  Students who are found eligible in the Fall, will begin Spectrum in the spring semester.

    • For more information please go to the LCPS Gifted & Talented webpage. Look under the Notifications tab for the latest information and announcements. 



    Eligibility Statement 2021


    The LCPS Gifted Education Office is moving the 2020-2021 gifted eligibility process to the fall of 2021. This decision was made to ensure that the process is safe and equitable for all LCPS families. Curricular enrichment opportunities designed to develop talent will be offered for students during the first marking period. Screening and identification will begin in November. Virtual information sessions will be held in the fall to share information with LCPS families. At that time, families can follow up with their child’s gifted resource teacher with questions.