• Matthew Fisher
    8th Grade - Civics & Economics

    Mr. Fisher
     Educational Affiliations
    Millersville University 
    Gratz College
    Matthew Fisher earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education/Social Studies from Millersville University with a Minor in Government and his Master of Arts in Education degree from Gratz College.  It is his seventh year at Harper Park.  He currently teaches 8th Grade Civics & Economics at Harper Park Middle School.  Before that he taught 8th Grade English.  He also spent many years in education in Pennsylvania.  At Harper Park, he is also the Yearbook Supervisor and a sponsor for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  
    If you would like to know more about me, I was born and raised in and around Philadelphia, PA.  As a result, I am a big Philadelphia sports fan.  I still have friends and family in the area and visit often.  In addition, I love to travel and enjoy going to many historic sites.  Visiting Civil War battlefields is one of my favorite activities over summer break.
     Course Information
    For more information about me and the Civics Course, click on the link below that will take you to a Google Slides Presentation and Welcome Video.
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    A1- Civics & Econ B5- U.S. History 6
    A2- Planning B6- Resource
    A3- Civics & Econ B7- Civics & Econ
    A4- Civics & Econ B8- Civics & Econ
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