Hello everyone and welcome to Mr. Throckmorton's class webpage. All daily agendas are located under the tab for that class. Syllabi and nine-week plans for each course is located under the syllabus tabs for each class. Check your class page frequently for updates. Extra resources for VA SOL and AP US History standards and themes will be added throughout the year to help students succeed in the course. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via email at kevin.throckmorton@lcps.org or phone Dominion High School at (571) 434-4400.
    Get ready for a wonderful school year!
    Mr. Kevin Throckmorton
    AP US History Summer Assignment and DE US History Summer Assignment Below
    All classroom materials are now on Google Classroom. Please utilize the class codes below to join the class and follow the day to day activities of US History. 
    A1- US History, cwcbv14
    A4- AP US History, szajqy
    B5- DE US History, 4n3wnjr
    B6- DE US History, u6hz1b