SOL Practice Internet Sites
    Please click on one of the following pictures to link to an Internet site to practice for SOL tests:
     - SOL released practice questions from 
        Virginia Department of Education for
        all subjects

     - Practice Technology Enhanced Items using the same format as the traditional SOL Test. This is to be used for practicing content only; it will not be the same format for the Reading and Math CAT tests. Those tests will not allow you to go back and review items or leave a question unanswered.

     - Organized by subject

     - Grades 3-5  
     - Pdf version of test questions from previous SOLs released
         by Virginia Department of Education
     - Answer keys provided

     - Organized by subject and grade level

     - Grades 3-5  
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     - Practice Technology Enhanced Items 
        using similar format as the SOL Test

     - Grades 3-5 Math
     Jefferson Lab
     - SOL practice tests for Reading, Math,
       and History
      - Practice in Practice Mode or Quiz Mode
      - Choose grade level and subject
      - Grades 3-5


    IQ-Interactive Quizzes


     - SOL practice tests for Math and Science
     - Choose subject and grade level
     - Grades 3-5