• Ms. Brookes, Resource Teacher, Social Science

    She earned her Bachelor's of Art degree in History from Longwood University (GO LANCERS!) with minors in French and Psychology.  She is passionate about her subject matter. Ms. Brookes chose to teach History because she believes it is imperative for students to "see" the world, even if it is in a classroom. History explains why our world is the way it is. She loves learning and hopes to earn her Master's Degree in the near future, as she is currently enrolled at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!)
    Ms. Brookes has a very awesome dog, a black labrador mix named Joe. She loves taking him out in "the wild," to include the beach, dog park and nature trails. In her spare time, Ms. Brookes likes to travel and has been to 13 countries so far.  Other past times she enjoys are spending time with her family, watching her little brother play baseball, babysitting her nephews, going to the beach, dancing, swimming and cheering on the Huskies  at  Tuscarora events.