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    Nicki Cabaniss Ms. Cabaniss has been on stage since the age of 3 when she was in her first ballet recital and played a robin. Since then, the theatre bug has always had a hold. Ms. Cabaniss has done all forms of dance from Ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz and Irish. She holds a B.A. in English with Theatre Endorsement and a Masters in the Arts of Teaching specialized in the Theatre and English classroom from James Madison University. Ms. Cabaniss has directed shows such as Cathleen Ni Houlihan, Cinderella, The Pajama Game, Peter Pan and Wendy and more. She has also appeared in many productions, most recently serving in a summer company performing Comedy of Errors. Ms. Cabaniss is a well-known fight choreographer and dance choreographer for local theatre companies and private projects. She also serves as a lighting designer and producer for volunteer and hire throughout the community.  Ms. Cabaniss has always wanted to be a teacher and has served as a Professor of English in Maryland, an English teacher and now holds the full-time position of Theatre Director of JCHS.  

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