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    Mrs. Terry Mawyer    



    Mrs. Amy Scott, Co-Lead Counselor



    Mr. Damien White, Co-Lead Counselor


    Virginia Department of Education Mission Statement
    The mission of Virginia's public education system is to educate students in the fundamental knowledge and academic subjects that they need to become capable, responsible, and self-reliant citizens.  Therefore, the mission of the Virginia Board of Education and the superintendent of public instruction, in cooperation with local school boards, are to increase student learning and academic achievement. 
    Loudoun County Mission Statement
     The mission of the Loudoun County Public Schools is to work closely with students, families, and the community to provide a superior education, safe schools, and a climate for success.  The educational program of the Loudoun County Public Schools will strive to meet or exceed federal, state, and local requirement for assessment of achievement and to promote intellectual growth, individual initiative, mutual respect, and personal responsibility for productive citizenship. 
    Belmont Ridge Middle School Mission Statement
    Belmont Ridge Middle School ensures the future success of our students by providing and equitable, engaging environment of educational excellence.  
    Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Mission Statement
    The Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Department focuses on motivating and empowering its diverse population of students to achieve and succeed as effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.  This is accomplished by working with parents, faculty, staff, administration, and outside partnerships to provide all of our students with a comprehensive developmental counseling program that supports each student's academic excellence, career development, social/emotional awareness, individuality and integrity.  
    Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Philosophy Statement
    Belmont Ridge School Counselors are committed to the positive growth and development of our students.  We provide programs to educate our students in academic development and peer relationships, as well as recognize and eliminate barriers that impact and affect a student's ability to learn or function within the school environment.  Our counselors advocate for equitable treatment for all students.  Our program is child-centered, comprehensive, developmental, data-driven and preventative.  Our counseling team works with students, families, faculty, staff, administration, business partners, school clusters and the community when planning and implementing our program.  We strive to enable eacfh of our students to become life-long learners and positive society contributors. 
    Special Programs

    Counseling Groups at Belmont Ridge

    Throughout the school year counselor's may run small groups based on the needs of the grade level. Groups that have been offered in the past are study skills, social skills (how to be a friend), girls groups, boys groups, anger management, and organization.  Small groups meet one time a week during Resource or lunch  for 6 to 8 weeks.  Parent permission is required for all groups.

    Classroom Lessons

    Grade level counselors have the pleasure of visiting resource classes and leading discussions or teaching lessons on specific topics.  Topics vary depending on the needs of the students.  In all grades our students address bullying, harassment and cyberbullying.  Seventh and eighth grades work with student on academic planning.
    • Career Exploration: Students explore their own interest, strength, values & the relationship to the world of work.
    • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: for Science and Technology: Eighth Grade Counselors coordinate the application process for 8th graders interested in the magnet school in Alexandria, Virginia.
    • Academy of Science: Eighth Grade Counselors coordinate the application process for 8th graders interested in this program housed at Dominion High School in Sterling, VA.
    • Academy of Engineering and TechnologyEighth Grade Counselors coordinate the application process for 8th graders interested in this high school program which is currently housed at Tuscarora High School.  AET provides academic STEM pathways for students to engage in the study of engineering, entrepreneurship, and information technologies. 
    • Monroe Technology Center:In high school, students may apply to MTC to study a one or two year program, which may lead to certification in a career field. Check out the various programs offered at MTC.
    • : Special Services Counselors coordinate the application process for 8th graders interested in this program housed at Dominion High School in Sterling, VA.
    • Career Cafe:  Speakers will be scheduled throughout the year during resource classes to talk about their career choice 
    • Students Assistance Program: Interested students, with parental permission, may seek guidance from a representative of Loudoun County Mental Health Services.
    • Substance Abuse Referrals: Students with potential alcohol/drug abuse may be referred for educational service.
    • Student Recognition Activities: Counselors recognize the many achievements of students.
    • Family Connection  Parents will be able to access Naviance at home through the website using their child's ID number for both user name and ID to view all the features of the Family Connection Program.  Students will use this program throughout their years in high school. 

    Expunging Grades

    Based on a provision of the Virginia Standards of Accreditation, a middle school student who has taken a high school course while in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade (Algebra I, Geometry or a World Language) may elect to have the grade expunged from the high school records, and then, if desired, take the course again. 
    When a middle school student receives a grade of "F" in a high school credit bearing course, that grade and course will automatically be expunged.
    The student's grade point average and class standing will not include the grade from the expunged course, nor will the student receive a credit toward graduation for this course.  This course will not appear on the high school transcript.  Only credits which appear on the high school transcript will count toward a high school diploma.  Please be advised that the decision to expunge the grade is irreversible and must be made prior to enrollment in high school.
    If you wish to expunge a grade for a high school course taken in the middle school, please complete and return the expunge form to your child's school counselor at the school your child will attend for the 2017-2018 school year.
                     ***The expunge forms will be mailed home with the 4th quarter report card.***
Last Modified on June 15, 2017