• World Languages Department Belmont Ridge Middle School


    Sarah Starliper, SALT, Subject Area Lead Teacher

     Welcome to the World Languages Department! 

    • To provide second language instruction so that students may communicate with others who speak the language
    • To compare languages, grammars, and cultures
    • To connect the study of world languages to other disciplines
    • To integrate technology into the study of world languages
    • To increase enrollment in world language national competitive exams
    SOL Support Programs:

    The curricula of all world languages instruction at Belmont Ridge support the Virginia Standards of Learning, the National Standards, and the Loudoun County Program of Studies.


    Differentiated Instruction:

    The world languages department offers varied instruction:

    • High school credit: Spanish 1 and 2, French 1 and 2, German 1 and 2, Latin 1 and 2 (open to seventh and eighth graders)
    • Tutoring: The department also offers supplementary instructional support during resource (individual) and before school tutoring (small group). Please consult with individual teachers regarding instructional support.
    • Exam Preparation: National Spanish Examination sessions are conducted before/after school before completion of the actual exam 
    World Languages Clubs (open to students enrolled in the target language): Please consult teacher/s of individual languages for information.
    World Languages Teachers

    Maritza Acosta
    Spanish 1,2 
    Kim Fow
    Latin 1,2
    Jeanine Karam
    French 1,2
    Elcira Kirk
    Spanish 1,2
    Sarah Starliper
    Spanish 1,2
    Matthew Hanf
    German 1,2



    Belmont Ridge Middle

    19045 Upper Belmont Place

    Leesburg, Virginia 20176

    PH: (571) 252-2220

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